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Welcome to my website, where I would like to show you some of the dolls I make.
Here you see Dorothy and Glinda as many people envision them.

But Oz is so much more than the movie we are so familiar with. There are Forty Oz books in the original series, and many more that have been written and published since the 1940's. Many illustrators have contributed original visions of Oz as they have imagined it.

I, a doll artist, create dolls of the characters in those books.

Here is a group of dolls from some of the Oz books
Tik-tok, Jack Pumpkinhead,The Cowardly Lion, H.M. Wogglebug, T.E., The Wizard of Oz, The Patchwork Girl and the Woozy

If your favorite is the Winged or Flying Monkeys, I am currently making them from old-fashioned sock monkeys

NEW! Hand puppets! Produce your own version of the Oz story. Shown are the Scarecrow and Lion but I can make a hand puppet of any of the dolls I make. They cost less, too.

Here are some that I have completed. The little boy is named Tip, and in the story he is transformed into Ozma, so the stand he is on is a turntable with an Ozma doll on the other side.

This is The Gump, a flying machine constructed by Tip and others in the story from two couches, a stuffed animal head, four palm leaves and a broom.
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