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Here are Ozma and The Wizard of Oz as drawn by John R. Neill, another well loved Oz illustrator.

This Ozma came from a customer's imagination.

Ruggedo, the Wicked little King of the Gnomes, frequently appears as the villain of Oz Books.

This is a soft Wicked Witch of the West that I was asked to make for a 3 year old.

Captain Salt is a nice pirate from an Oz book of the same name, by Ruth Plumly Thompson.

Moretomore, the dragon, is in the Oz book that I and my friend Eric Gjovaag wrote--Queen Ann in Oz.

Realbad, the bandit, his son Ojo, and Unc Nunkie from Ojo in Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson.

a soft Dorothy and Toto, completely washable, for a small child.

Here is Queen Ann of Oogaboo
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